10 Things That Might Make You a Crazy Cat Lady

Photo by Japheth Mast from Pexels

1. You Have a Cat or Five

2. You Appreciate Them For Who They Are

Photo by Tamba Budiarsana from Pexels

3. Their Little Faces Slay You

4. Cats Messes Don’t Phase You

Photo by Amir Ghoorchiani from Pexels

5. Friends Often Buy You All the Cat Things

6. You Daydream About Felines

Photo by Mustafa ezz from Pexels

7. You Want To Save Them All

8. Cat Naps Are a Legit Thing To You

Photo by Craig Adderley from Pexels

9. Your Friends Tag You on Whacky Job Postings

10. You Call Cats Your Spirit Animal

Photo by hazan aköz ışık from Pexels

Freelancer from ADK, NY. Mom of 2 boys. Special needs parent. Old married lady. Miscarriage survivor. Crazy cat lady. Check: Today Parents, SPM & Scary Mommy.

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