Put Your Baby in a Laundry Basket, Mama

Image via the author

This photo came up on my personal time line today.

This was taken 3 years ago — during the early days with baby #2. I had a 4 year-old running around, too.

This picture is the perfect representation of the early days with a new baby. Whether it’s baby #1 or #5 — the juggling of life, work, family, recovering from delivery and everything else is real and incredibly daunting.

So, we put our babies in the laundry basket for 20 seconds while we change the wet clothes from the washer to the dryer, with our babies never more than an arm’s reach away.

So, we put off overdue appointments and get togethers, because we are just too damn tired to go.

So, we eat chips and take out more than we wanted to and put off losing that leftover baby weight.

So, we sleep with our babies on our chests in old recliners instead of their $200 cribs, in the early morning hours before dawn.

We do what we have to do to get through the sleepless nights and the adjustment of this new person in your hearts and in our homes.

Those early days are hard.

Do what you’ve got to do mama.

Motherhood doesn’t come with a manual.

There is no right or wrong way to care for your new baby, as long as he’s loved and taken cared of.

And remember, there was always a mama that came before you and felt the same say or did things the same way.

© Britt LeBoeuf, 2022. All rights reserved.

Originally published here on January 24th, 2020.



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